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  • Dr. Shah Mohammad Rahim- Director-General 
Qualification: MBBS, MPH (Master in Public Health).
Short training of different durations has been received in RH, Management & another issue.
  • Dr. Abdul Jalal Safi-Operation Manager

Qualification: MD, DCH

  • Dr. Syed Jamaluddin Sadaat Program Manager 

Qualification: MD, MPH (Master in Public Health)

  • Dr. Labibullah Makhawer Technical Health Senior Manager

Qualification: MD, MPH, DPHN 

  • Mr. Noorullah Safai – Finance Manager
Qualification: (ACCA)
  • Mr. Mohammad Hashim Ahady – Human Resource Manager  
Qualification: BBA
  • Dr. Abdul Wakil Monitoring and Evaluation Manager 

Qualification: MD